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Johannesburg MetroJohannesburg MetroJohannesburg Metro
Johannesburg MetroJohannesburg MetroJohannesburg Metro

General Information

The city surrounding the city of Johanesburg is called The Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Area which lies in the Gauteng Province in South Africa. The Western Man has an ancient obsession with the glistening mineral known as gold. The gold was discovered on the Witwatersrand by Australian prospector George Harrison. Almost eight million people live in an area no more than 60km in any direction. Greater Johannesburg's growth was largely based from the beginning on the discovery of gold. 

Johannesburg Metro is the region with the highest population in South Africa, is an existing contrast of high-rise glass and chrome corporate headquarters and third world tin shacks. Take an organised tour of the sprawling, vibrant township of Soweto - an eye opener to the uninitiated. Back in central Johannesburg spend a day at the unique mine theme-park of Gold Reef City. 

To get the feel ofthe city, and indeed Africa, you must visit Newtown Cultural Precinct with its MuseuMAfrica and the Market Theatre. Or go shopping in the upmarket Sandton City or spend a day (or night) at Brightwater Commons, a playground of shops, amusements, restuarants, pubs and clubs.

Greater Johannesburg's growth was largely based from the beginning on the discovery of gold. The discovery of this enchanting mineral hidden below the plains of the highveld sparked off one of the fastest urban developments of the modern era.

The central area runs the length of the gold-bearing reef from east to west. Form Johannesburg, it is no more than three hours by road to anywhere in the province, and the roads become wonderful viewpoints for the crossover of European and African histories.


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Johannesburg MetroJohannesburg Metro